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Here’s a tip: Annoying, Wasteful & Dangerous

How do I stop getting these stupid credit card offers in the mail? I am not only appalled at the waste (both in paper and petrol used to ferry them), but am worried about identity thefting.

On the other hand, I understand they are a necessary evil (along with junk mail) to keep the USPS going, and I love getting stuff from grandma.

Wait, alright, new question: should I ask the above question?

Second question first: Yes, you should ask the first question, and here’s why: identity theft is a real-ass thing and if you’re the kind of person who is interested in keeping a good credit score (for car, home & personal loans, credit cards with decent APRs, rental applications, background checks), you’re going to want to stay vigilant.  In fact, the FTC has a whole page dedicated to removing yourself from unwanted mailing (and telephone) solicitation lists.  What’s better is that it reads like a late-night infomercial (will someone please perform this with me as a video?) and is pretty fun to read.  There are a couple of ways you can remove yourself from lists, so you should be all set there.  Here’s a handy chart to show you the most common ways identity theft occurs:


As for the solvency of the USPS… well, it ain’t doing so hot, that’s for sure, but little ‘ol you removing yourself from from mailing lists isn’t likely to do them any noticeable harm (sorry, you’re just one of BILLIONS of consumers, after all).  Just keep that Netflix subscription current and ask grandma to send more care packages.  

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